Getting your Cracked 3DS repair at a resonable cost!

We get many cracked Nintendo 3DS repair sent to use for either a broken screen or even at times the entire handheld is snapped in half. This usually comes from accidential damage or just kids being kids. Honestly I would never buy my kid something this delicate without a protection case like the ones that Nerf sells.

The main repairs we do is replacing a cracked top LCD screen on the 3DS as this is usually what breaks. People usually bend the system over too much which rips the LCD ribbon on the side where the system swivels. Nintendo 3DS repair is quite hard to find in the states as most people would require sending it back to either Nintendo and get charged an arm and leg for the repair. But obviously there are repair shops that give the same quality of service such as xCubicle for Nintendo 3DS repair. If you like you can just fill out the form on the right side just to get a quote on your 3DS repair.

My 3DS is not turning on, it just flashes and turns off

In this case, most Nintendo 3DS repair problems that involve this is due to a bad fuse or worst case scenario of a damaged motherboard. Usually with these problems comes from using bad chargers. The fuses blow in the Nintendo 3DS systems and can easily be repaired if you have replacement fuses and a good quality soldering iron. You would definately need a basic course in soldering if your were to even attempt such a repair as you can easily damage other components too. The Nintendo DS repairs are usually one of the harder systems to repair which is why you wont find many people repairing these. For a repair quote just use the form on the right hand side. Or just give me a call at 917-338-0645 and tell us your Nintendo 3DS repair problem.

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